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Trippin Bulls


8/10 - Bye

8/17 - Pickled Pub

8/24 - High Park

8/31 - Upper Deck

9/7 - Upper Deck

9/14 - High Park

9/21 - American Legion

9/28 - Bye

10/5 - Upper Deck

10/12 - Upper Deck

10/19 - Overtime Sports Pub

10/26 - Break Time

11/2 - Upper Deck

11/9 - Upper Deck

11/16 - Playoffs (Starts @ 7 pm)

11/23 - Playoffs (Starts @ 7 pm)

11/30 - Playoffs (Starts @ 7 pm)

How to get there

If you are not sure how to get to the Upper Deck please call Kim at 260-413-6173 to let her know you are unfit to play! 😂

Season Prediction from Jason Kilts

"C" Division: A bit more roster consistency here in C than in some seasons, but still some notable changes. Trippin Bulls lost quite a bit of firepower, Frankie went ahead and added a nice Mike (even though the Mark count increased), and Nine Lives just feels a bit more like they won't be perpetually shorthanded as has often been the case. In the end, I like the weekly firepower potential of Dysfunctional Outlaws, and I think they'll just outrun Frankie. DD-214 will always be competitive, but will drop a couple they shouldn't and slide into third. The Niner, Trippin Bulls and Off Constantly will all win several, but end up middle-to-low. And while I super commend Dart Attack's honesty regarding their self-assessment on their roster, I'm thinking this division might be a tall order as a first venture together.


Weekly Predictions

Week 2 - C Division: Trippin Bulls 15, Dart Attack 9